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Why “How-To” “Formula-Type” Success Gurus Do You the Most Harm



Are you looking for the latest “how-to” “success-formula” by the most popular guru on the scene today who will lead you through a proven path or system of success and riches?  Forget it.  It’s not going to happen.

In this article, I will explain why success formulas cannot and will not ever work, and at the end, I will give you the only true path to success – however you define success for you.

Why “How-To” “Formula-Type” Success-Gurus Do You the Most Harm

1. There Can Be No Pre-Set Success Formula Suitable for Everyone

There are principles of success that everyone must follow, such as persistence, desire, determination, planning, and specialized knowledge.

However, inasmuch as every person’s situation is unique, there can never be a one-size-fits-all formula which follows the exact steps of someone else.

Each person must begin walking his or her chosen path to learn along the way the specific “success steps” or doors of opportunity that he or she must walk through without knowing what comes next.

Your problems and challenges will be different from the problems and challenges of that “success guru.”

2. Following a “Proven” Step-by-Step Formula Reduces Your Chances of Growth

If you are following a proven step-by-step formula, tacitly, you are being told that there are little or no risks, or that you need worry little about obstacles or setbacks.

Embedded in the word “proven” is the fallacious belief that what proved true for someone else’s situation and for someone else’s unique set of circumstances will prove true to you as well.

Just by the factor of time, among many other factors that are personal to you, the success formula of today is likely to be invalid as a success formula 20 years from now.

3. Believing in Ready-Made Success Strategies Creates a Counter-Productive Emotional Dependence on the Success Guru

I have even heard some internet success marketers tell would-be success students in their spiels and sales copy, “Just follow what I did.  I’ve made all of the mistakes for you, so you don’t have to make any of the mistakes I’ve made!”

And what happens when you make mistakes that were not the same mistakes as those of the guru?  What then?  The tendency will be to seek the answers from the “experts” outside of you rather than trusting your “expert within,” that is, your inner voice, your gut, or your own wisdom which you can only find inside of you.

Blindly or obsessively following the words of so-called experts, at some point, will weaken your ability to trust yourself and to ask yourself for answers.

The Only True Path to Success

The only true path to success is to know who you are, what you have, inside and out, and where you feel you must go.

Decide a path, any path, that you have an attraction to and start walking boldly and courageously along that path.  You will learn what you need to do.  You will learn what  you need to avoid.  You will makes mistakes along the way, plenty of them, but if you keep walking in the direction of your dreams, life and the experience of life will guide you and provide for you the steps that you need as you need them according to what stage you be, in the process of your growth.

After you have reached your goal, you may look back and see a series of “success steps” that have led you there, but don’t call it a formula. Know that you and every other traveler along this road we call success must find his or her own way and his or her own formula for success.

All the best,

Charles I. Prosper

Transformational Life-Coach

Quote for Today’s Post:

“It is more important to have the intention than the steps of how to get you there.” — Charles I. Prosper